Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one's mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from these "essential" oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function
Let the safe, subtle aroma of nature permeate your dwelling place by purchasing a REED DIFFUSER. With REED DIFFUSERS, you do not have to remember to "blow out the candle." Just place the reeds into the container in an area/ room that you like. Make sure that wherever you place the diffuser, there is decent airflow. FLIP REEDS once a week. The aroma of the reed diffuser is not blatant, but subtle.

LAVENDER WOOD- Great for the bedroom or those areas where you would like to relax the most.

LEMON EUCALYPTUS- Great Citrus and purifying essential oils that is ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

CITRUS WOOD- Great pick me up with citrus top notes to energize and balance along with woody base notes to keep you and your space grounded.

BAMBOO GARDENS- Nice subtle Floral scent for any place in the home or office. Combining bamboo and geranium.

DOWN to EARTH- A nice, earthy scent for any place in the home or office. When Moroccan Nights, Black Pearl and Mysterio combine, you get
Down to Earth.

LAVANILLA- A sweet, floral scent. Lavender and Mexican Vanilla, Vanilla Bean and/or Madagascar Vanilla.

GRAPEFRUIT- Nothing more. Nothing less. Wonderful Citrus that stands alone. Great for Kitchens, Family Rooms & Bathrooms. Also great for office spaces.


Cherry Blossom- Fruity top note of cherry with floral undertones. Great for meeting areas, home and office

Frankincense & Myrhh- Grounding, Spiritual, Woody. great for balancing moods and environments.

Spa Day- Clean and Refreshing with light floral notes. Turn your living and/or office space into a mini spa oasis. Light Floral musk under Bamboo and Jasmine

Headspace (New)- Created for mental clarity and focus. Fruity top notes with Floral and Woody middle and base notes. Great for relieving stress and anxiety. Great for office or any working area around your home.

*** However, when your diffuser oil is gone, keep the vase and order a refill. You can order the same scent or try a different one. Refills also come with new REEDS********