PAYMENT: Payments are secure through the KCC shopping cart. A payment receipt will be issued to you upon payment. If you are making a customized purchase, please use the contact form to contact us. Expect a response within 24-48 hours.

I have not received shipping confirmation info, what is going on? In stock items are usually processed within 3 business days. If there are processing delays, customers will be notified with estimated processing times. if you need expedited delivery service, please contact us through the "contact us " form.  All orders will be shipped through USPS Express, Priority or First Class mail.

SHIPPING: Delivery confirmation through the USPS is the way products are shipped. If you would like a signature confirmation, please let us know. There is an additional cost to you, the customer, for signature confirmation. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS ENTERED CORRECTLY. 

Please allow 2-7 business days to receive your order once processing and payment is complete.  If there is a delay on our end for any reason, you will be notified.

If you are placing a bulk order, this may take a little longer to process, but this can be discussed prior to purchase.

Please be sure to confirm your mailing address before finalizing orders.  You will be responsible for re-shipment fess, if address in incorrect at time of shipment.

I have not received my product: All products are handmade. If there is a delay on this end, you will be notified of the delay. Holidays, special events, vacations may create a delay. Also, double check the address that you entered. If incorrect, please contact us ASAP.

What about my allergies? The body butters and some of the oils have byproducts of nuts. Please read ingredient list carefully.

Are these products safe? Yes, unless you have contraindications to some of the ingredients. Apply a small amount to a patch of skin. If irritation or rashes occur, discontinue use. Contact a physician if it becomes worse.

My body butter(s)/balm is melted/too hard/gritty.  With these butters, there are varying degrees of firmness.  If you receive your butter and it is melted, place in the refrigerator for 60 minutes for butters to solidify.  If your butter is too hard, allow it to heat up via room temperature to soften it. DO NOT MICROWAVE BUTTERS OR THEIR CONTAINERS! If butter is gritty, allow it to heat up to counteract the crystallization from low temperatures. In any of the aforementioned conditions, the quality and benefits of the butters or balms are not compromised. They will still serve their intended purposes.

Does the Premiere Body Butters come in larger sizes? Yes. There are 4 and 8 oz. sizes available upon special requests. They are not listed and you will have to contact us through the website for a request.  An invoice will be sent to you and upon payment, product(s) will be delivered/shipped.