• Image of Incense Cones (10 pack)
  • Image of Incense Cones (10 pack)
  • Image of Incense Cones (10 pack)

Incense is said to have originated many thousands of years ago. Over time, the practice of burning incense spread to the sprawling metropolises of the great civilizations. There are countless assortments of incense (including stick incense, resins, and powders); incense cones were popularized by the Japanese and were first introduced at the World’s Fair in the late 1800's. Some common incense scents used for incense cones come from essential oils, resins, roots, flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, and gums. Inexpensive, artificial scents can also be formed through man-made, chemical processes but are decidedly less popular and effective. KCC utilizes natural and essential oil combinations to scent the incense cones.

Incense enhances concentration and focus, is used in meditation, prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, reduces anxiety and tension, and aids insomnia.
Incense connects you to the elements. Sparks appreciation. It brings you back. It offers a lesson. It makes you prepare. Sparks creativity.

Incense cones are selected and burned for relaxation and to create a pleasing and inviting environment in the home or office. 1" cones hold as much oil as an 11" stick. The difference is they burn for about half as long, releasing twice as much aroma. If you like your incense strong, you'll like the cones. Each one burns for about half an hour. Depending on the area where they are lit and the air flow in the area, they may burn quicker. KCC Incense Cones do not leave your space smokey and uber hazy. They are a nice clean burning incense.

Comes in small pack of 10 cones.

**Steel Incense Cone Burner available for $5.00 (drop down menu at the bottom)

**Steel Incense Cone Burner + 1 pack of Cones $8.00 (drop down menu below, please state which pack of cones in memo when checking out, in the cart section)

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