• Image of Massage Candles
  • Image of Massage Candles

The soft glowing massage candle sets the mood for a relaxing, peaceful time or sets the tone for a wonderful sensual experience.

Some of the KCC's best aromatherapy "scents" in a candle.

Burn the candle until partly liquified. Pour warm liquid onto hands or body and massage gently. The candle is just as moisturizing and skin healing as the body butters and body oils offered by KCC. Can also be utilized to comfort tired hands and feet. Also can be used without lighting the wick.

5 oz.

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Beeswax, Babbassu Butter Jojoba Oil, Illipe Butter, proprietary blend of natural and essential oils

The candles are butter and beeswax based. Why Beeswax? Beeswax emits negative ions when heated. this means that it actually purifies the air when in use. Combine that major benefit with the various essential and natural oils and you will be purifying and cleaning the air that you breathe while making your space smell amazing.

These Massage Candles are meant to scent personal or intimate spaces and will not fill your entire home or office with aroma. However, for an added bonus, you can order the KCC Incense Cones and/or Wax Melts and fill your space for a wonderful experience. AMBIANCE is everything!

Depending on how long you leave the candle lit before extinguishing, there will be minimal clumping. Use the liquid and softened butter to moisturize. Also, to avoid wicks from burning straight down,  it is advised to utilize the candle/butters along the side during each use.

If you find that we are out of Massage Candles, you can purchase them through one of the stockist via this link: https://www.incense-incense.com/Keith-Clark-Collection-Massage-Candles-s/314.htm