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Even though all of KCC products listed are unisex, men are simple and like simplicity. Due to the overwhelming number of skin care products out there, most men shy away and neglect their skin. Welcome to the Skin Hydration all in one skin care for Men by the Keith Clark Collection!

It is great for all skin types and can even be used for moisturizing your scalp and beard. Will not flake up or clog your pores. Light, fast absorbing and all natural, chemical free. Dry skin is never in. Just remember, a little dab will do you.

4 to choose from:
Unscented - speaks for itself

Citrus Wood- sharp,crisp, woody lower notes with a sweet middle
note and a top note of citrus. Essential Oil blend
assists in uplifting one’s mood/disposition, assists in
stress relief and helps one to focus by acting as a
memory booster. It also prevents and improve skin
conditions from fungal infections.

Island Spice- scented with sweet and spicy essential oils from
the Caribbean. This is very good when used as a
stimulating hair tonic. The oils utilized works as a
skin tonic and is effect against razor burns and
breakouts on the skin. The sweet and spicy aroma
opens the senses, invigorates and enlivens the spirit.

Moroccan Nights- hints of musk, powdery vanilla and woody base
notes will leave you smelling and feeling smooth
confident and sexy.

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