An all natural, fast absorbing blend of natural vegetable and seed oils for healthy, radiant skin and hair.

This oil will not leave you or your clothing oily. Great for all skin types. A little goes a long way. Best if applied while skin is slightly damp. If you have oily skin, apply sparingly. If you have combination skin, apply moderately. If you have dry skin, apply liberally.

All Purpose Body Oil: Why all purpose?
Keith Clark Collection's All Purpose Body Oil benefits:
1) Naturally rich in Vitamins A, B1,B5, B6, C, D, E
2) Helps retain moisture in the skin
3) Assists with premature signs of aging
4) Antiinflammatory properties, soothes and calms irritated skin.
5) Helps to even skin tones
6) Improves skin elasticity
7) Effective in treating acne
8) Doesn't clog pores and light in texture
9) Provides UV Protection
10) Great hair and scalp moisturizer

Ingredients: Rice Bran oil, Sunflower Seed oil, Coconut oil, Abyssinian oil, Camelia oil and Squalane.


UNSCENTED: Speaks for itself. For those that are sensitive to scents, fragrances, etc.

FRESH: A very light, fresh out of the shower scent that will have you smelling shower fresh all day long.

BLACK COCONUT: Mysteriously sexy. Earthy bottom note of Patchouli with a sweet middle note topped off with the subtle smell of fresh coconuts. A great companion to the BLACK COCONUT ROLL ON.

LAVENDER GRASS: The great properties of Lavender essential oil combined with a few other essential oils that will aid in the treatment of hair loss, treating acne, muscle and joint pain relief along with insomnia.

ROSEWOOD: A woody Base note, blended with a floral middle note , topped off with a sweet woody and citrus essential oil. Relaxing, grounding and seductive.

CITRUS VERBENA: A cornucopia of livening citrus top notes of natural and essential oils with a verbena base. Great for uplifting your mood, when you are feeling sluggish.

Keith Clark Collection's most popular body butter. So why not provide it in an All Purpose Body Oil? This tropical smelling oil will have you smelling and feeling like a tropical oasis. Tropical Citrus Oils infused with the base ingredients will leave you smelling good and your skin looking good.
Use it as a pick me up to brighten your mood or day.