"The wax melts that I purchased smells soooooo good." IN

"I just received my Incense cones from Keith Clark Collections and I absolutely love them! Beautiful strong aroma, and out performs any incense I have ever used! Thank you Keith for such a quality product. If you have not checked out his products you need to asap!"-FL

"When the body is sore. It's a good time for Keith Clark Collection's Pain Relief Balm!"-TX

"The Lip Balm tho'!" FL.

"Black Coconut and Sweet Rain are amazing. Two ends of the spectrum scent wise and I love them." IN.

" KCC'S INCENSE CONES are the truth! " TX
" Keith Clark collection smells great! I’m in love." TJ, TX

"The Exotic Garden incense cones smells amazing. And very relaxing. Getting my creative juices flowing." TT, VA

_______ says it's the best thing he's put on his beard yet.....by far.
I had it in the boys' hair after their showers too. OMG! " A.D.

"I received my package today and everything was packed so nicely and arrived in tact. I must say, that Coconut Bliss oil is EVERYTHING!! I love it! You have some amazing products and I will be purchasing again." A.S. IL

Fresh All Purpose Body Oil & II Fresh Roll On
""My son LOVES your products! He is a customer gor life. He said to tell you that!" K.G. GA

II Fresh Roll On
This stuff is the TRUTH!! I was stressing HARD yesterday and used the roll-on on my wrists this morning (to not repeat yesterday's mess lol). It is so relaxing, yet it puts a nice pep to your step." L.M. GA

**Singing** Ain't nobody dope as me I smell so fresh so clean (So fresh and so clean clean)...lol Good Morning Mr. Clark, I received my order yesterday. Used the Fresh all purpose oil and roll on oil this morning and I LOVE it!! It smells amazing. I love the White Ginger scent as well. I went to see if that was in the all purpose oil but its not ☹. Nevertheless, I can't wait to use it. The inhaler is perfect and right on time for the change in the weather out here. I'm going out of town but I will be placing another order when I get back. I'm so glad I came across your page on Instagram. I am very pleased. Thanks so much!" -A.S. IL

"Smells so good! I ❤❤ ❤ ❤ it!" J.G

Coconut Bliss Aromatherapy Roll On

"I worked at the Jazz festival here. Got in 22000 steps....my feet were oooohhhh soooooo tired & sore  Right along with my back & legs....Epsom salt bath with lavender grass KCC oil, followed by deep foot massage with KCC pain balm and socks....slept like a baby" K.H, VA

"Hey Keith! I received your oils yesterday. You weren't lyin!... That black pearl is lovely!!" K.B, Plano, TX

"Ok! I love all of your oils :) The Rosewood is amazing...that Black Pearl roll on! OMG! I am a huge fan of warm, woodsy scents and you are on point.
Thanks so much for the order and special gift!"
Jamila, MD

"Fragrance.net is about to be mad at you. These roll ons are the best" KJ, Dallas, TX

"So for the past two days I have used this pain relief balm I bought from my homie Keith Clark. He is a great all around dancer, certified massage therapist,and started his own personal business from assisting clients with skin and pain needs. I gotta tell ya that this has worked wonders for me. I applied it on the muscle areas that I will work before and or after class/workout and I can't say enough about it! If you would like more info check the photo below for the website. I also attached some things about the product. So I know A LOT of you dancers/instructors have had some of the same pains I go through...give it try! It has truly helped me out for sure . You can follow him on Instagram for info and health tips:
IG: keithclarkcollection
Web: K2c.bigcartel.com
This balm can be used for the relief of muscle and joint pain caused by over exertion and minor sprain/strain injuries." T.P. Fitness Trainer, Dallas, TX

"My daughter has eczema but I rarely remember due to her product we use that keeps it in check. Well we ran out of product and on Monday I noticed her hands were seriously dry, chapped even had sores. But after using a balm from KCC line, her hands were healed beautifully in 4 days!
All natural! Try it and love it!" T. A. Dallas, TX

"Ok...so... the addiction I have to your body butters is turning slightly out of control"  M.Y, TEXAS

"The coconut and almond are like candy, Seriously! I love them"  D, LOUISIANA

"OMG your product is amazing. I'll try to spare you the creepy details. I used the butter balm for 4 days straight and skip 1 day. My skin still felt good and you know what crazy weather we had this past week. I now use it as my eye cream, hair and scalp treatment. I gave myself a facial and applied the balm after and have not got one whitehead. It's an all in one which I am thrilled about that. My feet & hands feel and look amazing minus the crusty winter heel cracks and rat chewed cuticles. I am really loving this product. So yes I will be making an order in a few days! ." A.B. Plano, TX

"Keeping my skin moisturized this winter. That#KCcollection is so on point. #tens across the board. You better get yours!! #keithclark#signaturecollection #bodybutters #love" M.G

"My niece is like queen of products and very much states her mind and she came to me saying "Auntie auntie check out this sample it's so legit I love this stuff" apparently she got a hold of a sample lotion @keith Clark makes!!!! You know if my niece liked it then it's sooommmme awesome stuff." K.G Dallas, TX

"Pain Relief Balm" at 94 yrs young your g-ma swears by it !!! on fleek!!! : )

"Your Coconut Bliss is too good. I can't stop putting it on my skin long enough to get dressed! :D Love it!"  I just broke out the Floral Essence. OMG! It's like heaven." A.T

""One of my favorite graduation gifts that was made and given to me by the BEST Massage Therapist on the planet, Keith Clark! His collection of body oils and body butters are second to none!!!" T.J. Place your order todayk2c.bigcartel.com"    T.J Dallas, TX

"Weird, but true.I was blessed with some Unscented Oil from the Keith Clark Collection and it has my feet feeling so smooth. The oil isn't heavy. Keith you rock!" https://www.facebook.com/HoneyBeNatural

"Afterwards, I will moisturize with either the Floral Essence Premiere Body Butter if I am simply going to bed or the All Purpose Body Oil (both by Keith Clark Collection) if I want to feel more luxurious."

"I love supporting smaller businesses when it comes to bath products and butters as I feel they are the most pure. I love the feeling of butters and oils on my skin and was very pleased with the hydration I got from both of the products. I feel like they work best after a hot bath and shower since your skin is open and able to absorb all of ingredients.

"When it’s all said and done, I wrap it up with the Bouquet Aromatherapy Oil which is my favorite smell for this year! Keith, you did an amazing job with this one! I smell just like flowers, which are my favorite thing in the whole world!" -----Adaeze Okwesa
Review of products from Blogger Adaeze Tula.
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"Of course I love the Coconut Bliss, but this White Ginger!!!! Oohhhh weee! Can't wait to put it on!" S.S, IN

" I love it liquifies and absorbs so fast into the skin. Good stuff man." E.C, IL